My dog is chattering his teeth, why and what to do?

Your dog is chattering and you don’t know why or how to get him to stop this behavior? There are always explanations and above all solutions to every problem you encounter with your dog.

We will see here how to respond to this problem ; we will first see why a dog chatts its teeth, what it means and especially what to do if it happens frequently.

Chattering teeth out of fear :

In a very general way, the chattering of teeth is often associated in dogs with a more or less high state of stress. The chattering of teeth may then be accompanied by tremors and a general body condition that is not very alert.

 If you do not absolutely want to stop this behavior, it will be much more efficient and productive to find the cause of your dog’s stress in order to resolve the problem in depth and no longer on the surface.

Chattering teeth to communicate

Like many signals such as growling or barking, teeth chattering is one of the communication tools a dog can use to express discomfort. We can then observe chattering of teeth during confrontations / meetings between two dogs for example or when someone makes contact inappropriately with a dog.

 Chattering teeth to express too much energy

 The chattering of teeth can also be observed when the dog shows impatience and excitement at the approach of an activity that he loves : going for a walk, eating, the return of his master, a play session etc.. ;

Chattering teeth to attract attention :

 If when your dog is chattering his teeth you systematically give him your full attention, he may start chattering his teeth just for you to take care of him. Be careful because this is often the case with bored dogs!

Chattering teeth because it’s too cold :

Like us, dogs can chatter their teeth if they get too cold. This is a completely natural behavior, but it will be necessary to watch out if you consider that the temperatures do not justify such tremors and chattering of teeth on the part of your dog.

My dog ​​is chattering his teeth: what to do concretely?

As mentioned previously, if you observe a state of stress or fear in your dog, resulting in chattering of teeth, seek more to find the cause of his stress and then set up possible habituation or immersion therapies, or desensitization to make it more comfortable in certain situations.

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